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Monday, June 1, 2009


是否读hotel management,就要做service的?

Random Shoot^^

Monday, May 25, 2009

WebDesign 2 Update


the concept behide the Mood board is im try to use Simplycity style to redesign commercial web page and the identity of Poh kong is Yellow and Black but i try to make it yellow white and grey colour to redesign Poh kong Commercial web pages

This a commercial website redesign project. i got the website that i pick at the bowl which is quite big company at malaysia.From a modest jeweller in 1976, Poh Kong today has burgeoned into Malaysia's largest jewellery retail chain store with a network of more than 90 outlets nationwide in 23 locations.And this website is lack of Design and some interaction because everything just put inside the box it look very square. But this webpage is quite easy to navigation and quite i decide to remains the easy navigation and use Simplycity art style to make it more user friendly.

Poh Kong product

it is Flash you can CLICK on it to See Poh kong Product

Client's analysis

From a modest jeweller in 1976, Poh Kong today has burgeoned into Malaysia's largest jewellery retail chain store with a network of more than 90 outlets nationwide in 23 locations.

Setting the benchmark in the manufacturing and retailing of gold and fine jewellery in Malaysia, Poh Kong Holdings Berhad, as a public-listed company has earned a place in the country's annals of corporate successes with phenomenal growth over the years.

Fulfill your desires for the perfect gift or personal adornment to enhance your beauty and style by simply visiting Poh Kong, the ultimate luxury in jewellery.

Short and long term site goals

Our long term goal is to open a relationship to the users so that they will stay as loyal customers. The short term goal is to lead users to the promotion that is going on which aims at seasonal promotions.

Target Audience

The target audience for this site is clearly noted on their navigation, company and website design which is users at the age of 21 until 50 adults

Competitor Analysis

  • Tomei jewellery
  • Diamond Platinum
  • Habid jewellery
  • PYT jewellery
  • wah chan jewellry
  • Lazo Diamond
  • S&Q
  • Padini accessories
  • Dragon silver
  • Giordano accessories

Monday, May 18, 2009

Redang islandisland

Facebook Still hav alot....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Web Design 2 (Add-on)

Project : Revamp commercial site
Client : Poh Kong

I- screenshots of client's website
II- screenshots of others competitor with analysis and URLs.
III- screenshots of beautiful commercial websites with
analysis and URLs.
IV - HTML, CSS, JS tutorials with URLs.
V - design tutorials with URLs.

screenshots of client's website

(click the picture to enlarge^^)
  • the layout is consident and well organize with navigation
  • grid system is very good but it look boring compare with other jewellery web page
  • since poh kong is quite big jewellery company but they dun have online store very basic interaction
  • Product highlight at main page can change is to Gif file format because just normal animation button
  • all the button we clicked just remain at the same window but when i CLicked on the shareholder information it pop up another window which is poh also ... everything just same .don't know why got Pop up for??
-the size is not consident
-layout very boring
-colour look"outdated"

screenshots of others competitor with analysis and URLs.

PYT jewellery
Habib jewellery
Tomei jewellery
Diamond & platinum
Ablaze Gems

(click the picture to enlarge^^)

click on the picture to view the website

-welcome page quite interesting but get into the main page "abit disappointed"!!
-more on center of the page!!
-"tomei" long scrolling page!!



Design Tutorials


(click the picture to enlarge^^)
-Background pic will change everytime "REFRESH"
-well organized with the button!!

(click the picture to enlarge^^)
-color very harmony
-looks very eligant

(click the picture to enlarge^^)
-fit to the screen
-overall very interesting

(click the picture to enlarge^^)
-flash website "this is a online shoping or something"
-very nice ^^

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Try on New Speed Light ^_^

haha my parents my "white mouse"
1st time use speedlight dont really know how to use it..
still nit to try on it
the pic is too vivid..
but i still like this !

iso-100 1/60sec f/5.6
what happen to my mother yarr....
what she look at???

p/s: not showing off leh.. ^^