Sunday, May 17, 2009

Web Design 2 (Add-on)

Project : Revamp commercial site
Client : Poh Kong

I- screenshots of client's website
II- screenshots of others competitor with analysis and URLs.
III- screenshots of beautiful commercial websites with
analysis and URLs.
IV - HTML, CSS, JS tutorials with URLs.
V - design tutorials with URLs.

screenshots of client's website

(click the picture to enlarge^^)
  • the layout is consident and well organize with navigation
  • grid system is very good but it look boring compare with other jewellery web page
  • since poh kong is quite big jewellery company but they dun have online store very basic interaction
  • Product highlight at main page can change is to Gif file format because just normal animation button
  • all the button we clicked just remain at the same window but when i CLicked on the shareholder information it pop up another window which is poh also ... everything just same .don't know why got Pop up for??
-the size is not consident
-layout very boring
-colour look"outdated"

screenshots of others competitor with analysis and URLs.

PYT jewellery
Habib jewellery
Tomei jewellery
Diamond & platinum
Ablaze Gems

(click the picture to enlarge^^)

click on the picture to view the website

-welcome page quite interesting but get into the main page "abit disappointed"!!
-more on center of the page!!
-"tomei" long scrolling page!!



Design Tutorials


(click the picture to enlarge^^)
-Background pic will change everytime "REFRESH"
-well organized with the button!!

(click the picture to enlarge^^)
-color very harmony
-looks very eligant

(click the picture to enlarge^^)
-fit to the screen
-overall very interesting

(click the picture to enlarge^^)
-flash website "this is a online shoping or something"
-very nice ^^

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